Leading a Writing Retreat at KlezKanada + Joining a literary band

KlezKanada is a musical and literary Jewish festival that takes place every year in the Laurentian mountains.  I am excited that they approached me about leading their literary retreat. 

Here is a taste of what to expect! 

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"Our popular poetry retreat has been expanded to include fiction and nonfiction. Enjoy a relaxed and welcoming environment where we will read, write, and learn together. Discover how Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto rose up against the Nazis by writing and burying poetry, how writing your truth can differ from writing facts, and why plagiarism is wrong but stealing is encouraged. Follow in the footsteps of a group who called themselves the ‘Six Montreal Poets’ (the group included a McGill University student named Leonard Cohen) and record a poetry album. Learn why Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Captain America probably all had Bar-Mitzvahs, and how to create your own superhero. Be inspired by excerpts from some of the greatest Montreal Jewish authors and poets of all-time — and more. All levels of experience are welcome. Lead by CBC's Writer-in-Resident, Joshua Levy."



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Here is a synopsis of my literary concert:

"Stories by Montreal’s Greatest Jewish Writers (featuring live klezmer music)

"Come enjoy stories and poems written by Mordecai Richler, Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, and other legendary Montreal Jewish writers, performed live to klezmer music. Join us for a magical not-to-be-missed event that promises to be insightful, hilarious, and surprising! Featuring storyteller and CBC Writer-in-Residence, Joshua Levy, and live klezmer music led by Zilien Biret, Arianne Morin, Rachel Lemisch, and Yoni Kaston"




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